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Chicken Tikka Masala: An Exceptional Indian Dish To Try Out

Chicken tikka masala is an Indian dish that is most loved and ordered in an Indian Restaurant in Cranbourne. Every time someone thinks about eating chicken or non-veg food items in Indian starters or main courses, the customers will directly order chicken tikka masala.

In this blog, we are going to talk about what makes chicken tikka masala so popular in the bars in Cranbourne and get in-depth about this Indian dish.

What is Chicken Tikka Masala? 

Chicken tikka masala is a simple dish, and you can all guess what this dish is all about with the help of its name. In this dish, firstly, marinated chicken tikka is cooked by roasting smaller pieces of chicken, and then it is cooked in tomatoes and onion gravy that gives the perfect texture, taste, and fragrance to this dish.

Although there are a number of variations that you would be able to notice at Cholas Indian Restaurant, right after visiting our restaurant, you would be able to notice that we offer a lot of varieties of chicken tikka masala.

These varieties are basically the different types of sauces and gravies in which Chicken tikka masala is cooked. Hence you can select them on the basis of your preferences and the kind of chicken tikka masala you want to try.

Story Behind Chicken Tikka Masala

 Most people believe that chicken tikka masala is an Indian dish, while some believe that it has been taken from Britishers. While there are various stories revolving around chicken tikka masala, we came across one story which is believed to be true and that is the story of chef Ahmed.

In Scotland, someone asked for a chicken tikka dish from chef Ahmed, and he cooked the dish as per the requirements, but later the customer returned that dish because the chicken tikka was very dry.

And to solve that issue, chef Ahmed used the stuff that was available to him, such as tomatoes, and he created a sauce for the chicken tikka, later adding chicken tikka in that sauce which made chicken tikka masala.

Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe 

Let us have a look at the chicken tikka recipe followed by us at Cholas Indian Restaurant:

1- First, you would have to cut the chicken into smaller pieces, and then you need to marinate it in a mixture of curd, lemon juice, ginger garlic paste, and a few spices. Mix the chicken pieces properly.

2- Make sure to marinate it for 8 hours and then keep it in the refrigerator for 2 days. In this way, you would be able to add flavour to the depth of your chicken for chicken tikka masala.

3- Meanwhile, you can start cooking gravy or sauce for your chicken tikka masala. To make the gravy, you need to add oil to the pan along with two onions finely chopped. Later add spices as per your preferences, and later you need to add tomato puree.

Mix them properly and keep them on a simmer; once all the oil starts losing, you need to add some water and put it on simmer for a few minutes.

4- Make sure to grill the chicken tikka properly, and lastly, add the chicken tikka to the gravy and mix them well.

You can add cream at the end.


Chicken tikka masala is one of the most loved Indian dishes. We hope you were able to learn a number of things with the help of this blog. If you are looking for the best chicken tikka masala, Cholas Indian Restaurant is the right place for you.

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Various Vegan Options in Indian Cuisine

Everyone is trying out vegan diets to bring their health on track. In the western culture, people had to cook vegan food items by doing the research themselves. But do you know our Indian cuisine is so vast that we have been eating a lot of vegan food items for so long without even knowing that they were vegan.

If you are a health freak and struggling to find vegan options in Indian cuisine, then this post is for you. Here we will talk about some of the best vegan food items.

Benefits of Vegan Food Items

 Most fitness freaks who are against fats usually go for vegan food items. Let us look at other benefits of opting for a vegan diet.

  • With the help of a vegan diet, you will be consuming fewer calories, which will help your body promote weight loss.
  • A vegan diet helps lower your cholesterol, which leads to the reduction of heart health risks.
  • Reduces your chances of facing cancer.
  • It helps you manage diabetes.

Sounds amazing right? If you are ready to try out a vegan Indian diet, check out our next section.

Vegan Options in Indian Cuisine

 Let us have a look at some of the best vegan options in Indian cuisine that you should try out:

  • Masala Dosa:

The first and the healthiest vegan Indian food item is masala dosa which is made up of sooji and to add flavors, we use aloo masala. You can have masala dosa with sambar and chutney as well.

  • Dal:

The next food item, which is Indian and vegan, is dal, made using water, oil, onions, and some masalas. The best thing about dal is you can cook it easily in no time.

So if you want to follow a vegan diet but don’t have time, then dal is the right option.

  • Chole Masala:

Do you want to enjoy dieting, even on a vegan diet? If yes, then you should cook chole masala because it is a vegan food item from Indian cuisine. You can have chole masala with bhatura or normal roti as well.

  • Veg Biryani:

Several people say they can’t eat rice on a vegan diet, but that’s not the case. You can cook rice as it’s a vegan option. Here we are adding veg biryani to the list, as it can help you cook one meal for everyone. Secondly, they are delicious.

  • Kofta:

Next, you can also add kofta to your diet. To make a proper meal of it, you can cook masala kofta without the use of malai in it. Later you can have it with roti. The final taste would be out of this world.


Want to start a vegan diet but use Indian food items? If yes, then here is the list of vegan Indian food items you should try out or you can also consult with your dietician.

If you are looking for the best Indian Restaurant in Cranbourne, then Chola’s Indian Restaurant is the best option for you. You can also check out our bars in Cranbourne.


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The Health Benefits of Indian Food

Indian is majorly known for the variety of food items offered in Indian Cuisine because of the taste Indian food items offer and the traditional way of cooking them.

Along with all these things, Indian food items are also famous for their health benefits. This post will discuss the health benefits of Indian food and why you should frequently consume Indian Cuisine.

The Health Benefits of Indian Food

If you are well versed in the food traditions, then you must have noted that people initially were stuck to Indian food items, and that was the time when they were completely healthy and living a better life.

But, later on, they moved to western food items, and that is when people started facing health issues like obesity and many more. So, now, people are again moving back to Indian Food items because they have learned that Indian Cuisine is not just about taste and tradition but also offers many health benefits.

Let us have a look at some of the health benefits offered by Indian Food:

1- The first and major benefit of traditional Indian food items is that they offer you fewer calories, and your body will feel full even after having those fewer-calorie meals. This is not the only benefit of fewer calories, but along with that, Indian Cuisine can also help you maintain your weight.

Even if you are traveling outside, make sure you visit an Indian Restaurant in Cranbourne and have Indian meals, as it will help you keep your weight under control even when traveling.

2- Indian food contains several vegetables and spices, with the help of which you can enhance your immunity. That was the reason why people eating Indian food items daily were able to stay healthy for a long time.

You can also try out adding Indian spices to your food items. For example, you can add spices such as turmeric, black pepper, and green vegetables to help you stay healthy.

3- If you are cooking Indian food items using all-natural and the right products, you will start consuming less saturated fats, which means you will get better heart health.

Hence if you are facing heart-related issues, then you should get into a proper vegetarian Indian diet which will help you decrease the risk of heart problems.

4- When we cook western-style food items, we will notice them using just a single type of oil, leading to plenty of health problems. But when we are talking about Indian Cuisine, you will see they use different cooking oils for various purposes, which helps in better overall health.


Shift to Indian Cuisine for the best taste and better health. Also, try out a few traditional Indian food items; you will be able to notice the difference.


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Enlist the 4 most delicious Indian dishes that you should have for dinner

Try out the toothsome variety of Indian Food!

Indian Food and its richness are available in vast numbers. With Indian cuisine, one thing is certain you can have rich flavors, heavenly taste, and an amazing food experience. When you visit one of the best Indian Restaurant in Cranbourne, it is going to make every meal delightful and cherished to the fullest. In case you are looking for a meal to try out for dinner, then there are a number of options that you can choose from. Do you have any thoughts about selecting anyone? No worries. The blog highlights all the delicious and toothsome Indian dishes that you should try out for dinner.

Indian dishes that you should try out for dinner

Indian dish 1: Butter chicken – As drooling as it can be

Butter Chicken – One of the most OG Indian food options that are perfect for every occasion. The dish has an important place in the heart of Punjabi and even in different parts of India. The butter chicken is a buttery and creamy sauce known for its mild spice level. To relish every bite, you can order roti or any other type of Indian bread of your choice. Try it once, and you will understand what makes it a mind-blowing option. When you visit the Indian restaurant, you can order butter chicken and your favorite drink of your choice from the menu of Bars in Cranbourne.

Indian dish 2: Palak Paneer

Looking for a vegetarian dish? That’s the beauty of Indian Food. It has various types of Veg and non-veg Indian food options. If you are craving something made with cheese, then you can have palak paneer to make the taste buds go all crazy. The palak (spinach) is filled with the goodness of different nutritive benefits. Palak and cheese (paneer) both make a curry-like dish known for its rich taste and flavors. For an appetizing meal, you can order Indian bread along with it.

Indian dish 3: Chicken tikka masala

Chicken tikka masala is another appealing Indian food that’s known for its mild and accurate level of spiciness. The chicken tikka masala contains ground cashews, capsicum, tomatoes, and onion to make all the flavors get combined properly. So, it’s one of those options that give your taste buds rich flavors and an exciting taste.

Indian dish 4: Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani is one of the most important parts of Indian cuisine. Whether you like Veg or non-veg, this option is a must-try out. The black lentils are worth every bite to satisfy your hunger pangs and satisfy your appetite to the fullest. You can enjoy this delicacy with Indian bread or rice. It’s the cream added over the top and the method of cooking that makes the food option even better.

Final word

Well, it’s just a teaser, as trying out Indian Food is like a story in itself. When you visit the Indian restaurant and order your meal, a new story will unfold every time.

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Indian restaurant design brings comfort and a feeling of heritage

Indian restaurant design makes the dine-in experience stand out

When you visit the Indian restaurant, it’s perfect enough to give the feeling of heritage and a unique experience in all possible manner. Undoubtedly, Indian food gives the ultimate experience of a tasty meal with nutritional benefits. Most importantly, it’s the Indian culture that gives the heritage feel, and the same is transferred to the cuisines. So, visiting the top-rated Indian Restaurant in Cranbourne will give you a delightful experience and help to make the experience unique.

Indian designs and culture are taking over the world

If we talk about the Akbar or Birbal time, you can easily notice the unique furniture made with intricate details. And in the present time, it’s easy to see the various replications. And that’s even seen with the non-Indian brands because of how good and fascinating it makes the entire place. Not just the Indian restaurant premises but even the Bars in Cranbourne are adding the Indian touch to make everything look captivating.

Complementary or elegant furniture: Choose anything of your choice

No doubt, living miles away from your hometown and starting your own restaurant business takes a lot of effort and hard work. That’s why Indian restaurant in Australia ensures the restaurant has that heritage feel to them. Keeping the premises all manageable and having Indian touch makes a lot of difference.

The restaurant also wishes to know what approach to go for. Whether you want to incline towards a complimentary or elegant approach, it’s a personal wish. But all in all, it’s setting up the restaurant appropriately to keep everything functioning properly.

Restaurant design with hospitable service

Many customers choose by giving preference to the restaurant design. Therefore, it’s essential to focus on the same. Additionally, the design is one thing. Because once the customer enters the premises, it’s important to prefer the hospitable design. Therefore, doing so makes a huge difference in how they give the necessary care. The restaurant’s hospitality and the means of giving the service make the customer’s overall experience much better and exciting.

Restaurant design efforts do the customers

The efforts that you wish to put into the restaurant are essential. To attract customers, every tiny thing attracts the customers towards the service making a huge difference to every minute thing. Moreover, adding the touch of customization brings more customers to the restaurant business. So, every small effort you wish to put in will make a lot of difference.

Are you looking for a modern Indian restaurant?

In that case, Chola’s Indian restaurant is one of the top rated and most loved Indian restaurants. The restaurant’s experienced and skilled team serves amazing & palatable delicacies to excite your taste buds.

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Delicious Veg & Non-veg snacks that make your bar menu more interesting

Are you a foodie who loves to satisfy a craving tongue with a more palatable and wide variety of Indian food items not only on special occasions but also on weekdays? Then, the Indian Restaurant in Cranbourne is the perfect place for you as per your eating habits. We love to make our customers delighted by offering a quality menu at reasonable rates so that you can feel energetic and enjoy your day with your loved ones or mates.

Furthermore, if you are a night party lover, then Bars in Cranbourne is the right place to come, where you can relish not only your favorite wine or drink but also some cozy snacks along with dance and live music. Once you come here, you may never want to leave this place due to the warm hospitality and quality ambiance services.

Some popular veg and Non-veg snacks on the bar menu

Non-veg menu of the bar includes the following cuisines:

Buffalo Wings: Buffalo wings are one of the popular bar snacks prepared with sauce-covered chicken wings, crispy in taste when served with green garlic sauce. The dish originates from New York. Its name buffalo also comes from the buffalos kept by the people.

Chicken Strips: People who enjoy going to bars continue to enjoy crispy fried chicken, particularly in the deep south. The best poultry-based substitute for Buffalo wings is chicken strips and fingers, but make sure to have plenty of sauces and toppings on hand to go with them.

Sliders: If you are a burger lover and want to try a burger at a bar or may be confused about the selection of the burger, then a slider is the best snack to try. It will confer your authentic taste with its flavorful spices.

The vegetarian menu of the bar includes the following food items:

Nachos and Chips: Several people love to consume chips and nachos with wine and drinks to get an unusual taste.  These will never make significant sums of money. Still, they provide bargoers a cheap and enjoyable nibble, particularly groups of friends who want to share finger foods without dealing with a larger snack or lunch.

French fries: French fries are not only common among people in food cafes but also in bars. These fried potatoes are cut into large thin slices and quick fry in hot oil. After that, these are marinated with spices or only with salt to make them tastier and served to the customers with red chili sauce or garlic sauce.

Onion rings: Onion rings are another famous bar snack people love to enjoy with cold drinks or mock-tails. These are the circular cuttings of the onion that are dipped into a breadcrumb batter along with different spices. After that, these marinated onion rings are fried in hot oil until it will turn golden. After that, they are ready to eat with green or red sauce and cream.

Mozzarella sticks: Mozzarella sticks are rectangular cheese slices dipped into the batter of bread crumbs and different spices. After frying, these strikes are ready to serve with coriander and red chili sauce.


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Which are the different Indian food items an important part of the meal?

Indian plate a mix of delighted and best options

Indian cuisine is an extreme delight to the taste buds. Through the Indian traditions with the blend of food, everything just keeps on getting better and better. The glimpse of an Indian meal is not only seen in India, but its attention is increasing around the globe. And that can be noticed through the increasing demand for Indian Restaurant in Cranbourne. So, to have a blend of famous food items on one plate, the choice of Indian food tops the list.

List of Indian food options commonly found on a plate


Daal is one of the most nutritious and healthy forms of food that comes in different options. It’s the various ingredients like lentils, peas, and beans that make the entire meal even more fun and delightful to have with every bite. In Indian cuisine, you can have toor daal, chana dal, dal makhani, and other options. So, to enjoy the next meal choose dal from the Indian cuisine and make your plate as nutritious as it can be.


Rice goes well with daal of all different kinds. It’s a popular choice and enjoyed to the fullest with a type of gravy or stew. One of the most known meals of rice is biryani, which has gotten a lot of love from around the globe. The biryani contains different veggies, spices, meat, saffron, and other Indian spices to let you enjoy every bite to the fullest.

Vegetable mix

Indian meals are all about healthy food options, and depending on which one you like, you can choose the option. The vegetables combined with different options make the taste even more, better and delectable to have. The different vegetables combined, like beans, potatoes, onion, cauliflower, and other options, can be combined to make an important part of the Indian meal. The veggies can be fried in authentic Indian herbs and spices. Most importantly, cook it with the right approach that makes it a complete meal.


The hype about Indian bread is not hidden by anyone. Just like the different options for Indian food, you should have roti or Indian bread to make the entire meal come together. Rotis are different spheres and types like plain roti, tandoori roti, laccha paratha, naan, garlic naan, and many more. Every Indian restaurant has different options. Check the restaurant website menu to know the availability of different choices available.

Non-veg Indian food

Indian cuisine even has the option of non-veg meals to let your taste buds have a delish side. You can have chicken curry, butter chicken, spicy chicken, and wide other amazing varieties of chicken to enjoy the meal to the fullest. You can enjoy it with rice or roti, depending on what you prefer.

Final words!

Other than that, you can have chutney, Indian sweets, drinks, and much more. To have a delightful taste, you should visit Chola’s Indian restaurant to make your mealtime fun and exciting.

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List Of Light Indian Food And Its Recipes For A Healthy Dinner

Most of the time, people associate Indian food with rich flavors and heavy dinners. But we can not put it in a box now, can we? There is much more to Indian food than just butter chicken and naan.

In this blog, we will discuss the awesomeness of the common light Indian dinner you can enjoy from an Indian Restaurant in Cranbourne.

Dinner is the last meal of the day. Hence you must be very thoughtful of what you are eating. Consuming Indian food at night will help you a lot because of its infinite nutritional value. A healthy meal should contain fiber, protein, fat, and carbs. And you can get all that from Indian food without any difficulty. We have curry, dal, gravy sabzi, dry sabzi, curd, and Rotis to balance it all out. They are a combination of light and healthy preparations that you can easily digest at night.

You can mix and match to create a healthy dinner meal.

  1. You can take the protein from any dal, paneer, or curd preparation.
  2. For roughage or fiber, you can opt for any vegetables. Depending on your demand and liking, it could be either dry or gravy.
  3. You can add Indian bread such as rotis or rice to add carbohydrates.
  4. And for fat, you can add butter, ghee, or oil to your diet.

Indian Recipes Packed With Various Nutritions

We have made a list of Indian food recipes that are light and very nutritional. You can order all the dishes from our restaurants while enjoying beverages from Bars in Cranbourne.

  • Aloo beans sabzi

Beans aloo sabji (Potatoes and beans) preparation is one of the simplest dishes you can prepare without complications. To top it off, it is packed with good nutrition too. You can enjoy it at lunch or dinner whenever you like. It is a versatile item you can add to any curry or dal and enjoy with some roti and curd. Most authentic recipes do not include tomato, onion, or garlic in them. 

  • Yellow dal

Another item you can add to your daily diet is yellow dal, also known as moong dal. It is one of the simple preparations yet delicious delicacies you would crave more. Comfort food like nothing ever. It is one of the scrumptious dal of all, and you can repair it with some rice, roti, or paratha. Yellow dal is very accessible in Indian households. Most of the time, people serve yellow dal with some dry vegetable preparations and rice or roto to complement it. It is suitable for weight loss, too, and is packed with many nutrients. Yellow dal is a good substitute for protein in an Indian Diet.

  • Mix vegetables

A preparation that has many vegetables in them. Add whatever you like and some more to prepare this stir-fry dish. It is a colorful diaspora that is packed with so many nutrients. Perfect for days when you are tired and want a simple, delicious, and easy meal.

Final Comments

Book the table now or order online as per your preference.

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Why Should You Establish Liquor Bar In Your Indian Restaurant?

If you want to raise the profile of your restaurant, you can definitely add a bar to it. The addition of a bar in an Indian Restaurant in Cranbourne will help you gain a lot of attention and also strengthen the reputation of your restaurant.

Its unique logo, good food, convenient location, and exceptional service to the Bars in Cranbourne will definitely entice a lot of customers to return to your restaurant again and again. You should also make sure that the drinks that you offer should live up to the expectations of your guests.

Adding signature drinks will make your restaurant a hub among patrons and satisfied drinkers or diners. They will further spread good words about you to their family and friends.

Another plus point is that if they are already waiting to order some cocktails from your bar, they are most likely to linger long enough for dinner.

Obtain A Liquor License

You can potentially increase your restaurant’s revenue by setting up a bar. It might help you maintain the same or even give a better profit margin. To put it mildly, it is one of the most acceptable ways to increase the odds of success.

Did you know that the profit margin for the drinks is higher than it is for the food?

So, if you are seriously considering adding a bar in the restaurant, you must apply for a liquor license. It should be a top priority list on your bar setup list. You need to make smart decisions for your restaurant and invest in a bar that will open new revenue streams, lower operational costs, and help you upsell your customers.

The governing agency has different rules and regulations, which vary from one state to another. So make sure to attain all the requirements for a liquor license. There are certain municipalities that place quotas on liquor licenses based on the current number of licenses in the local area and the population.

Aesthetic Designs For Restaurant Bar

Having an interior or exterior that is actually aesthetic or attractive will definitely help lure more customers to your restaurant/ bar. Hence you must design a look that would be like a cherry on top.

An attractive bar and restaurant interior championed with scrumptious food and drinks is a perfect ingredient for the recipe for success in the restaurant business.

Analyze the total amount of space you might require to set up a restaurant bar before you start making furnishing arrangements. Besides that, you can also take the expertise of a professional interior designer who will present trustworthy options. They will manage to bring a lot of flairs and the right ambiance to your establishment. Hire someone who has already specialized in restaurant and bar concepts.

A designer will also help you utilize your new bar to its fullest capacity. With professionals, your restaurant will be able to get original concepts. Please select the right commercial furniture for your bar, as it plays a significant role. Do not forget your stool and the bar height laminate tables as they are a more durable and suitable option.


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List Of Vegetarian Indian Food You Should Order From A Restaurant

Indian food is rich in flavours and has a wide variety of both non-veg and veg options. If you are a vegetarian and have struggled to get delicious food, now is the chance to order Indian food online.

No matter what you try, you will encounter a blast of flavours that is unlike anything you have ever tried. Every Indian dish is mouth-watering and worth the try. As a vegetarian, you will not miss out on the delicacies that would open up new heaven for you. From sweet, savoury, tangy and spicy- we have got it all for you.

List Of Vegetarian Indian Dish You Must Try

With traditional and authentic Indian food at your table, you can level up your experience. For breakfast, lunch or dinner, you would only crave tasty vegetarian Indian food. For breakfast, you can try our famous idli sambhar, paratha, chole bhature, poori sabji, and so much more. And for your lunch and dinner, we highly recommend our popular bread and curries to fulfil your stomach and soul.

We also have some delicious snack items on our menu for appetizers.

  • Papdi chaat

It directly falls into the category of Indian street food or snack items. Papdi chaat is an offering of delicious flavours all at once. Papdi is a deep-fried crispy dough topped with sweet and tangy tamarind chutney, fresh and spicy mint chutney and cooling curd. The chef garnishes it with some coriander leaves. The papdi adds the perfect crunch, while the sauces add a perfect balance of flavours. Each bite you take is filled with complex flavours that would make you salivate for more.

  • Channa Bhatura

Channa bhatura is the breakfast of champions. It is a well-known Indian dish that packs infinite flavour. Bhatura is an inflated fluffy deep-fried bread that the chef makes with some maida and serves with channa (chickpea) masala or curry. If you have yet to try this dish, it is a perfect time. People across the globe love this rich, delicious and wholesome meal that would make you drool for more.

  • Paneer Tikka

Another item that is a saviour for vegetarians is paneer tikka. Most of the tandoori dishes contain meat in them, which leaves no option for vegetarians. Do not worry; we have got the perfect alternative for you. Paneer is an Indian cheese that the chef marinated in spicy and tangy sauces. After some time, the chef grills it in the tandoor (clay oven) till it is tender and juicy. It has a unique flavour charred with a soft texture that would make you want to order some more.

  • Aloo Gobi

People often ignore this comforting dish. Aloo gobi is a curry with potato (aloo) and cauliflower (gobi) as the main ingredients. To make this iconic dish more special, our chef adds many spices and herbs. It is a perfect side dish you can enjoy with other alternatives. To accompany the dish, you can order rice, roti or paratha, as it goes perfectly well.

Final Comments

I hope you loved our menu list. If yes, visit Cholas Indian Restaurant and fall in love with Indian Cuisine and delicacies.