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Indian food is rich in flavours and has a wide variety of both non-veg and veg options. If you are a vegetarian and have struggled to get delicious food, now is the chance to order Indian food online.

No matter what you try, you will encounter a blast of flavours that is unlike anything you have ever tried. Every Indian dish is mouth-watering and worth the try. As a vegetarian, you will not miss out on the delicacies that would open up new heaven for you. From sweet, savoury, tangy and spicy- we have got it all for you.

List Of Vegetarian Indian Dish You Must Try

With traditional and authentic Indian food at your table, you can level up your experience. For breakfast, lunch or dinner, you would only crave tasty vegetarian Indian food. For breakfast, you can try our famous idli sambhar, paratha, chole bhature, poori sabji, and so much more. And for your lunch and dinner, we highly recommend our popular bread and curries to fulfil your stomach and soul.

We also have some delicious snack items on our menu for appetizers.

  • Papdi chaat

It directly falls into the category of Indian street food or snack items. Papdi chaat is an offering of delicious flavours all at once. Papdi is a deep-fried crispy dough topped with sweet and tangy tamarind chutney, fresh and spicy mint chutney and cooling curd. The chef garnishes it with some coriander leaves. The papdi adds the perfect crunch, while the sauces add a perfect balance of flavours. Each bite you take is filled with complex flavours that would make you salivate for more.

  • Channa Bhatura

Channa bhatura is the breakfast of champions. It is a well-known Indian dish that packs infinite flavour. Bhatura is an inflated fluffy deep-fried bread that the chef makes with some maida and serves with channa (chickpea) masala or curry. If you have yet to try this dish, it is a perfect time. People across the globe love this rich, delicious and wholesome meal that would make you drool for more.

  • Paneer Tikka

Another item that is a saviour for vegetarians is paneer tikka. Most of the tandoori dishes contain meat in them, which leaves no option for vegetarians. Do not worry; we have got the perfect alternative for you. Paneer is an Indian cheese that the chef marinated in spicy and tangy sauces. After some time, the chef grills it in the tandoor (clay oven) till it is tender and juicy. It has a unique flavour charred with a soft texture that would make you want to order some more.

  • Aloo Gobi

People often ignore this comforting dish. Aloo gobi is a curry with potato (aloo) and cauliflower (gobi) as the main ingredients. To make this iconic dish more special, our chef adds many spices and herbs. It is a perfect side dish you can enjoy with other alternatives. To accompany the dish, you can order rice, roti or paratha, as it goes perfectly well.

Final Comments

I hope you loved our menu list. If yes, visit Cholas Indian Restaurant and fall in love with Indian Cuisine and delicacies.