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Are you a foodie who loves to satisfy a craving tongue with a more palatable and wide variety of Indian food items not only on special occasions but also on weekdays? Then, the Indian Restaurant in Cranbourne is the perfect place for you as per your eating habits. We love to make our customers delighted by offering a quality menu at reasonable rates so that you can feel energetic and enjoy your day with your loved ones or mates.

Furthermore, if you are a night party lover, then Bars in Cranbourne is the right place to come, where you can relish not only your favorite wine or drink but also some cozy snacks along with dance and live music. Once you come here, you may never want to leave this place due to the warm hospitality and quality ambiance services.

Some popular veg and Non-veg snacks on the bar menu

Non-veg menu of the bar includes the following cuisines:

Buffalo Wings: Buffalo wings are one of the popular bar snacks prepared with sauce-covered chicken wings, crispy in taste when served with green garlic sauce. The dish originates from New York. Its name buffalo also comes from the buffalos kept by the people.

Chicken Strips: People who enjoy going to bars continue to enjoy crispy fried chicken, particularly in the deep south. The best poultry-based substitute for Buffalo wings is chicken strips and fingers, but make sure to have plenty of sauces and toppings on hand to go with them.

Sliders: If you are a burger lover and want to try a burger at a bar or may be confused about the selection of the burger, then a slider is the best snack to try. It will confer your authentic taste with its flavorful spices.

The vegetarian menu of the bar includes the following food items:

Nachos and Chips: Several people love to consume chips and nachos with wine and drinks to get an unusual taste.  These will never make significant sums of money. Still, they provide bargoers a cheap and enjoyable nibble, particularly groups of friends who want to share finger foods without dealing with a larger snack or lunch.

French fries: French fries are not only common among people in food cafes but also in bars. These fried potatoes are cut into large thin slices and quick fry in hot oil. After that, these are marinated with spices or only with salt to make them tastier and served to the customers with red chili sauce or garlic sauce.

Onion rings: Onion rings are another famous bar snack people love to enjoy with cold drinks or mock-tails. These are the circular cuttings of the onion that are dipped into a breadcrumb batter along with different spices. After that, these marinated onion rings are fried in hot oil until it will turn golden. After that, they are ready to eat with green or red sauce and cream.

Mozzarella sticks: Mozzarella sticks are rectangular cheese slices dipped into the batter of bread crumbs and different spices. After frying, these strikes are ready to serve with coriander and red chili sauce.