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List Of Light Indian Food And Its Recipes For A Healthy Dinner

Most of the time, people associate Indian food with rich flavors and heavy dinners. But we can not put it in a box now, can we? There is much more to Indian food than just butter chicken and naan.

In this blog, we will discuss the awesomeness of the common light Indian dinner you can enjoy from an Indian Restaurant in Cranbourne.

Dinner is the last meal of the day. Hence you must be very thoughtful of what you are eating. Consuming Indian food at night will help you a lot because of its infinite nutritional value. A healthy meal should contain fiber, protein, fat, and carbs. And you can get all that from Indian food without any difficulty. We have curry, dal, gravy sabzi, dry sabzi, curd, and Rotis to balance it all out. They are a combination of light and healthy preparations that you can easily digest at night.

You can mix and match to create a healthy dinner meal.

  1. You can take the protein from any dal, paneer, or curd preparation.
  2. For roughage or fiber, you can opt for any vegetables. Depending on your demand and liking, it could be either dry or gravy.
  3. You can add Indian bread such as rotis or rice to add carbohydrates.
  4. And for fat, you can add butter, ghee, or oil to your diet.

Indian Recipes Packed With Various Nutritions

We have made a list of Indian food recipes that are light and very nutritional. You can order all the dishes from our restaurants while enjoying beverages from Bars in Cranbourne.

  • Aloo beans sabzi

Beans aloo sabji (Potatoes and beans) preparation is one of the simplest dishes you can prepare without complications. To top it off, it is packed with good nutrition too. You can enjoy it at lunch or dinner whenever you like. It is a versatile item you can add to any curry or dal and enjoy with some roti and curd. Most authentic recipes do not include tomato, onion, or garlic in them. 

  • Yellow dal

Another item you can add to your daily diet is yellow dal, also known as moong dal. It is one of the simple preparations yet delicious delicacies you would crave more. Comfort food like nothing ever. It is one of the scrumptious dal of all, and you can repair it with some rice, roti, or paratha. Yellow dal is very accessible in Indian households. Most of the time, people serve yellow dal with some dry vegetable preparations and rice or roto to complement it. It is suitable for weight loss, too, and is packed with many nutrients. Yellow dal is a good substitute for protein in an Indian Diet.

  • Mix vegetables

A preparation that has many vegetables in them. Add whatever you like and some more to prepare this stir-fry dish. It is a colorful diaspora that is packed with so many nutrients. Perfect for days when you are tired and want a simple, delicious, and easy meal.

Final Comments

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Enjoy Indian Curries With Tremendous Side Dishes From Restaurant

Indian food is known for its unrequited specialty of curries. People associate Indian food with curries and spices. And there is no misconception there.

However, the concept of curries is much different than most non-native people think.

Curry is gravy. Traditionally it is pronounced as “Kari” in south India.

However, let us not get into the technicality of the name and focus on what it offers.

You can try out some of the most iconic Indian curries from the services of Indian food delivery Cranbourne.

As a food lover, you must definitely not miss out on that.

 What Is Curry?

You will be able to get an assortment of curries in the Traditional Indian Food in Melbourne. Our chef prepares it in both domains, veg, and non-veg.

The first thing that you must learn is that curry is not a dish in itself. It is basically a description of thick, tangy, spicy gravy that the chef prepares with some spices and then accompanies with vegetables, meat, or chicken.

If we talk about the tradition of India, then they select the rice or bread first and then follow it with some curries to go along with it. However, for the most part, in western countries, the people have made curries the star of the dish, and rightfully so. They choose the dish first and then follow it with some bread or rice. 

How To Eat Curry?

No matter which technique or tradition you follow, you will enjoy the remarkable vegetarian and nonvegetarian curries. Some of the ways you can enjoy your curries include: 

  • White rice

We offer aromatic hot steam or boiled rice. Enjoy it with your choice of curries and enhance the flavor to the next level. Most curries are packed with so many unique spices that they can intimidate you. With the help of plain rice, you can tone it down a bit while enjoying its flavor to the full extent. Rice is a perfect way to bring out the authentic taste of Indian flavors. 

  • Biryani

Another item that you can select as a side dish to go along with some Indian curries is BIRYANI!

It is an iconic dish in itself that is packed with so many flavors. Pairing it with some curries will only give your tastebuds a party.

Biryani is undoubtedly one of the most popular rice dishes. It is an intricate dish with complicated whole spices and herbs as their key ingredients. The chef layers the rice and meat gravy one at a time and prepares it together in a handi (vessels). Garnish it with some caramelized onions and herbs such as mint and coriander.

You can enhance your experience by ordering some aromatic and exotic chicken or any meat curries along with it and making this delectable dish more outstanding. The savory combination will burst in your mouth, exploding with infinite flavors. 

Final Comments

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