Indian food

Somebody has rightfully said, “The Way To One’s Heart Is Through Their Stomach.” So this valentine, surprise your partner with some lovely delicious Indian dinner that would make them fall in love with you more.

Valentine’s Day is not so far away, and if you have not decided what to do with your special one, do not worry; we are here to cover you up. Order this easy and scrumptious meal and enjoy the day of love while enjoying what you love the most.

It might be hard for you to think of Indian Food as an option for valentine’s day, but believe me, if you want your lover to be happy, this is the right path to go. Trust us in this field.

If you find it hard to cook all these extensive dishes at home for any reason, you can always order them at an Indian Restaurant in Cranbourne.

Starting With The Drinks

  • Sangaria: You can never go wrong with some red wine mixed with flavored spirit- a way to create the mood.
  • Midori illusion: if you wanted to go over the board and try out much more than just a glass of red wine. It is a perfect option for you. Try out other delicious and aphrodisiac drinks with your partner at the Bars in Cranbourne. Visit us and book a table now to enjoy delicious meals with extraordinary beverages.

Special Entrees For The Special One

  • Lamb Chops: go fancy with this easy recipe. Marinated lamb chops with Indian spices, grilled in the oven or griller. I am sure your partner would love this.
  • Tandoori Chicken: if you want to explore a little more with the culinary art. You can instead opt for tandoori chicken. Marinated overnight with a bunch of spices, ginger garlic paste, and curd and cooked in the tandoor (oven clay) to get that juicy, tender meat.

Delectable Main Course

  • Butter chicken: you can never go wrong with this rich delicacy. Everyone’s favorite is here to give you a blast of flavors with its creamy texture.
  • Kadai paneer: if you wanted to go with something vegetarian, paneer would never disappoint you. Cooked with bell peppers, tomatoes, onion, and love.

Side dish

  • Plain Rice: plain rice would be the perfect option for you to pair the spicy and rich curries. Order some fluffy rice from us and enjoy it with your main course.
  • Butter naan: are you a bread lover? Well, this fluffy, doughy flatbread is then made for you. It is so buttery and amazing that you want to eat one more.

A Sweet Ending

  • Gulab jamun: sharing a desert is the way to end your valentine’s day. Gulab jamun could be your choice of a sweet ending to a romantic night.
  • Ice cream: if you do not want to go overboard with your dessert item, go with the ice cream, it will never disappoint you.

Enjoy it with your loved ones and make this special day more special no matter what you cook.