Indian food

According to the chefs practicing in the Indian Restaurant in Cranbourne, “Immunity boosting is not possible until we incorporate the healthy things in our diet”. Now one of us might be thinking about why Indian food is considered healthy.

Reasons: Why is Indian food healthy?

Indian food is considered healthy since it includes so many kinds of herbs and spices that are known for their tremendous health-boosting properties:

Are you ready to know some of them?

Cinnamon – Known For The Best Medicinal Properties It is obtained from the inner bark of the Cinnamomum tree.


  1. Helps to safeguard you from infections.
  2. Your body becomes capable of fighting the inflammation.
  3. It helps to make the damaged tissue heal faster.
  4. It is rich in the various antioxidant properties
  5. Fennel – Helpful In Healthy Cell Growth
  6. It is obtained from the licorice-flavored plant.


  1. It does not let the atypical cells grow.
  2. It helps to make the healthy cells replicate
  3. It helps to decrease the inflammation
  4. Turmeric – The Yellow Elixir
  5. The yellow color spice is known as an effective antiseptic medicine and was used in Ayurveda more than 4000 years back.


  1. It is highly advantageous when it comes to wound healing.
  2. It does not let you get bothered with inflammation.
  3. It helps to release the mucus.
  4. Ginger – Zingerone + Gingerols
  5. Who does not like the flavour of ginger when incorporated in the tea and the foods? I believe that it intensifies the taste.


  1. It contains the antiviral agents namely:
  2. Zingerone
  3. Gingerols
  4. The antiviral agents do not let the viral cells get replicated. In the first place, it tries to make sure that the virus is not allowed to enter the body.
  5. It helps to prevent your body from the flu and cold-like symptoms.

Garlic – Fights Against Hpv

Did you know?

Almost all the ancient civilizations as the below-mentioned ones were known to use garlic for medicinal purposes:

  1. Egyptian Civilization
  2. Babylonian Civilization
  3. Indian civilization
  4. Greek civilization


  1. The use of garlic helps to increase the oxidant enzymes
  2. It is quintessentially helpful in making the oxidative pressure gets reduced.
  3. It helps the individual to combat the most health-threatening viral infections like HPV.
  4. The regular consumption of garlic helps to decrease the chances to get cold.
  5. If we are not missing incorporating it in our food every day, then these will help to make the immunity-boosting cells get stimulated.
  6. Cloves – Best To Treat Cold And Cough
  7. This is one of the Ayurveda emphasized herbs that do not let the person suffer either the Cold or Cough.


  1. It acts as a shield for the body in fighting against infections.
  2. It is the best source that acts as a natural antioxidant.
  3. It can be used in any of the following:
  4. Food
  5. Tea
  6. Flavoured hot water