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Indian food: Don’t miss out on cuisine!

The food fanatics are crazy about trying different food options from various cuisines. One cuisine that’s exceptional is Indian. The variety of veg and non-veg makes it stand out exceptionally well. If you are craving something that’s Traditional Indian Food Cranbourne, do try out the kebab food options.

Kebab has a different method of preparation

The top-rated Indian Restaurant in Cranbourne is known for offering various delicacies that hold different values. If you want to try something different, you should have Indian dishes made with kebab. The kebab preparation includes a wooden skewer with an open flame. The kebab are grilled on a charcoal fire making the taste different and exceptional. Just try out any of the kebab Indian food options once, and you will understand the reason for having the same.

Kebab: A global delicacy worth every bite

  • Sheek kebab

Sheek kebab is one of the most famous options to try out. It’s one of those options that get a lot of attention around the globe. The seekh kebab is one of the most loved appetizer. So, if you are searching for a snack, then this is the choice you should go for. Moreover, the dish has gained much popularity in the Indian subcontinent. The combination of minced lamb and spices makes your taste buds go crazy.

  • Reshmi kebab

Reshmi kebab is one of the traditional options in Mughlai appetizer. The delectable taste and silky texture make it a toothsome option. The reshmi kebab contains large chicken chunks marinated with fresh cream, yogurt, ground cashews, and almonds. After that, chicken will be kept on skewers for around 15 minutes for preheat.

  • Galouti kebab

Galouti kebab is another toothsome appetizer. If you are hosting an event, then make sure to add galouti kebab into your meal. The minced mutton and green papaya with marination & different ground spices make it just unique in taste. The exotic spices will ensure that it blends in the mouth.

  • Shish kebab

Shish kebab is another variety of kebabs that is a must-try out. As one of the delectable appetizers and perfect marination with bell peppers, lemon juice, black pepper, cumin, olive oil, and ginger is enough to make your taste buds go all crazy. The shish kebab is grilled then cooked in a skewer over a tandoor oven.

Try out the exceptionally tasty and quality Indian food

At Cholas’s Indian Restaurant find the option that delights your taste buds and enjoy the fine dining atmosphere. If a special event is coming up, book your reservation in advance. We even provide order online delivery options. In case there’s any doubt on your mind then feel free to discuss the same with the team.