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We are to give you that. Chola’s Indian Restaurant is one of the best Indian Restaurants in Cranbourne serving the foodies (customers) with the most delectable food options. In this blog, I am here to talk about one of the everyday food options in the Indian household, and it is the staple food option of the Indian restaurant. Do you know what it is? Think!

Answer: Indian Bread

No matter what type of dish you order, you can have Indian bread with anything. The most common choices are tandoori roti and naan that are made with conventional methods of cooking. These flatbreads are like a Bliss to the entire meal. If you are new to trying Indian cuisine or going to try it for the first time, then this blog will talk you through the difference between naan and tandoori roti.

Difference: Naan and Tandoori Roti

What is Tandoori Roti? What is Naan?
Roti is an unleavened flatbread that is made with whole wheat flour. It does not contain any filling and light. You can have it with any vegetable, pulses, or meat dish. Naan is leavened flatbread which is heavier as compared to roti. It contains filling of anything like fresh desiccated coconut, raisins, nigella seeds, butter, and curd. In case you want to have a non-vegetarian option you can do that.

Cooking style

Roti Naan
Simple roti is made on the Tawa or flat skillet, and butter is added to make it soft. If you don’t like butter you can ask the person taking the order at the Indian restaurant to skip it. Naan is cooked in a tandoor which gets the power through wood fire or charcoal.

What are the types of Indian bread?

Roti Naan
Roti is available in different types and variations. When you visit the Indian restaurant you can order chapati, tandoori roti, roomali roti, and Missi roti. Naan is available in different types. You can try out the options like butter naan, garlic naan, cheese naan, pudina naan, keema naan, nawabi naan, and much more.

How is the thickness different between naan and tandoori roti?

Roti Naan
Roti thickness is variable but compared with naan it is not more than that. Naan is thicker as compared to any roti. ???????

What about the nutritional value?

Roti Naan
Roti contains protein, iron, minerals, potassium, and dietary fiber. If we talk about naan, then its nutritional value is less because of cholesterol and fat.

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