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Indian food is undeniably one of the most iconic cuisines ever. If you have never tried Indian dishes, now is the right time to order some from the Indian Restaurant in Cranbourne.

People rightfully associate Indian cuisine with hot and spicy. But it is so much more than that. The flavors are unmatchable and so unique. There are tons of options in the menu list. But people like to order chicken the most.

In this blog, we will discuss the most loved chicken dishes in Indian cuisine.

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Indian Chicken Dishes That You Must Try

This is the list of most loved chicken dishes from our restaurant that you should definitely order on your next visit.

  • Butter chicken

You can not ignore the love of butter chicken foodie has towards butter chicken. It is a creamy and velvety curry that you can devour with some garlic naan or rice. The chicken pieces are tender and juicy with a great touch of creamy and mildly spicy gravy. It is one of the most unforgettable items on our list that people from different regions enjoy. Butter chicken is “THE” dish that made Indian cuisine world famous and gave its due recognition in the restaurant industry.

  • Chicken dum biryani

Do you want to try out something so simple yet so complex? Then you should order our dum chicken biryani. It is a layered dish that the chef prepares by layering aromatic rice and chicken curry one by one. Then they cover the vessel (handi). There are tons of whole spices that our chef uses in order to achieve that aromatic and special taste.

  • Kadai chicken

It is a mild spicy recipe that is a combination of different flavors all at once. Kadai chicken is another dish from an Indian restaurant that you should definitely try as a chicken lover. The method of cooking this chicken is very simple yet so effective. The chef prepares the gravy with masalas, onion, ginger-garlic, bell peppers, and herbs. Order it with some piping hot steamy rice, garlic, or butter naan, and enjoy the hearty meal.

  • Chicken vindaloo

If you like spicy and hot food, you must order chicken vindaloo. You will love the aromatic dish with so much power in it that it will blow your mind; it is spicy and hot, but you will love each bite. It has a tinge of acidic or vinegar note, which gives the dish the right amount of kick.

  • Chicken tikka masala

Another iconic chicken dish from Indian cuisine is chicken tikka masala. People live to indulge in this overly glorified dish. It goes perfectly well with some garlic naan. The chef prepares the meal by grilling boneless chicken pieces on the skewers to give them a charred taste and texture. After that, they toss it in the garvy of ginger, garlic, and onion paste.

Final Comments

Visit Cholas Indian Restaurant and devour the Indian meal. Taste the flavors of India and fall in love with the culture.