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Butter Chicken: Most loved Indian food item

Food is one of those emotions that connect everybody from around the globe. One of the cuisines that have gained that love and attention around the globe is ‘Indian food’. Indian cuisine has different food options for its taste, cooking method, herbs, spices, and much more. And that’s the reason visiting the Indian Restaurant in Cranbourne is gaining increased demand. Butter Chicken is the most loved and known around the globe. 

Butter chicken and its different reputation

Butter chicken is something that you will find in every restaurant. When customers visit an Indian restaurant, they choose Butter chicken as their option of dine-in and Indian food delivery Cranbourne. Butter chicken has that tender taste and is marinated in a creamy sauce known for its bold flavors and aromas. 

Origin of butter chicken 

The origin of butter chicken dates back to 1948 by one of the renowned chefs, Kindan Lak Gujral. Not just butter chicken, his culinary skills have made it possible for us to taste dal makhani and tandoori chicken. The recipe is known for its amazing flavors with the right balance of cream, butter, and tomatoes. With tandoori chicken, the taste stands out as the chicken has that perfect moisture because of gravy that makes it more toothsome. 

Magic of butter chicken with marination

The delicious Indian cuisine is known for its delectable and toothsome flavors. The marination for 12 to 24 hours makes the taste even better. The mixture of ginger, garlic, yogurt, and tandoori masala is the key to making a huge difference. That’s not all the spices like chili, salt, ginger, turmeric, pepper, lemon, coriander, and cumin are the best options. 

It means there’s a perfect balance of heat and spice on one plate to make a difference in taste. Even if you are sensitive to heat, you can balance the spices depending on your taste preference. 

Butter chicken stands apart because of its complexity and taste

The spices and aromas have the perfect balance of depth and complexity, making the taste better. The addition of tomatoes and onion is the key to making them taste even better and making it have that creaminess and smooth texture to it. The added herbs are the reason for perfect richness. 

Enjoy it with Indian bread

You can enjoy butter chicken with different types of Indian bread like roti, paratha, naan, and other varieties. This way, the butter chicken tasted much better, and everything’s much more fulfilling. 

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